College Dean’s Office


Starring Kate England and Rock

Rock goes into the dean’s office at his college because he’s not passing his classes and they won’t let him graduate. He’s upset, but there’s nothing Ms. England can do at this point. He pleads his case anyway, even though she’s too busy to listen to his ridiculous story. He’s been going to this school for 7 years and still hasn’t graduated, so there’s not much she can do for him and he refuses to go to summer school.

Rock is desperate, he really wants to graduate, so he brings up their past. He reminds her that they went to high school together and they used to hang out and be cool with each other. But then she reminds him that while he’s been slacking off, she’s gotten a master’s degree and that’s why she’s on this side of the desk. Realizing there’s nothing he can say to convince her, Rock turns to other measures.

She tries to kick him out of his office and is just about to call security when he slaps the watch on his wrist. She immediately falls still. Now that she’s completely frozen he can get what he wants. He grabs her hand and places a pen in it so he can make her write up the necessary paperwork to allow him to graduate. But he’s not finished there.

He starts by unbuttoning her blouse, and then picks her up and carries her to the empty space in her office. Then he strips her clothing off piece by piece until she’s completely naked. He grabs her tits and bends her over so he can spank her like then naughty girl that she is. Then he slides his dick in her mouth and fucks her face for a while.

Bending her over her desk again, he fucks her from behind, and then lifts her onto the desk to fuck her in different positions until he cums. He unfreezes her at the last moment so she knows what he’s done, and then freezes her again.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Blowjobs, Fucking, Undressing, Lift & Carry, Posing, Statue, Stiff, Doll, Spanking, Permafreeze, Foot Views, Body Views.





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