The Farm Life 2


Starring Pepper Kester and Rock

Racing Hearts is a speed dating game show for helpless, lonely singles looking to win love. Everyone at the studio was surprised when one of the contestants, Rawk, found love off screen when he stole Anna Powell’s heart away. Now he’s looking to find that special someone for his brother. Janine Michelson, who has taken over as the new producer of the show, has come to visit the farm and check up on Rawk and his new wife. She’s just about to leave when Rawk offers her a glass of fresh milk.

She kindly accepts, but only because she is unaware of the milk’s mystical powers. She drinks the entire glass and begins to remark on how delicious it is, when she freezes mid-sentence. Now Rawk has a fun plaything for his brother. After he dresses her in appropriate farm attire (a flannel shirt and pigtails) he starts to have some fun with her before he hands her over to his brother.

First he poses her around his house while fondling her tits and grabbing her ass. She has such a beautiful, tight body. What a beautiful young lady. His brother sure is lucky. He places her in different areas, posing her in various positions, preparing her for her life on the farm. He slides her dainty feet into some galoshes and squats her down to hold a bucket. Then he slides a ring on her finger to seal the deal. She’s going to love her life on the farm with her sister in law Anna.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Fondling, Posing, Life & Carry, Statue, Doll, Stiff, Undressing, Costumes, Nudity, Boot Fetish, Foot Views, Body Views.





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