Fembot VS Supergirl

Supergirl has been called in to Metropolis Police Headquarters to check out their new Police Fembot. She observes the Fembots sexy body and activates her, instantly the Fembot scans the heroine and analyzes her super body and Supergirl’s hotness causes the Fembot to short circuit.

She views Supergirl as a threat and attacks her, taking her down quite easy, she ties her up and lays her on a desk, she starts to run her robot tongue along Supergirl’s body until she wakes up, then she holds her legs up and eats Supergirl’s pussy till she cums.

After Fembot has made Supergirl cum, she unties her and ushers her on top of her, Supergirl, realizing that the only way out of this is to 69 the Fembot, eagerly licks her tasty robotic pussy. The two lick the others pussy, fighting to make the other cum, but Supergirl’s Kryptonian tongue quickly ends the challenge, bringing Fembot to a circuit shaking orgasm.

Supergirl, not quite finished, pulls out a strap on and fucks the weak Fembot to another orgasm, thinking it will deactivate her, but Fembot just wants more! She pulls out a large dildo attachment and lays Supergirl on the desk and fucks her tight pussy deep and hard, until they both cum! The feedback from the massive orgasm causes Fembot to shut down.

Fembot inventor Erik comes in and see’s his deactivated Fembot with her strap-on inside of Supergirl, and decides that this is not good for business and strangles the weakened Supergirl. After Supergirl is dead, he activates Fembot, and she see’s her dead lover and starts to malfunction, so Erik is forced to deactivate her…permenantly, so he snaps her neck.






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